Dave "Super Dave" Matuszewski

Rising Legion is the first “Hip-Hop Dance Crew” in the tri-city region created by, Dave “Super Dave” Matuszewski, to specifically focus on technique.
It is designed for those individuals who are seeking more training with their Hip-Hop dance, and to intensify their capabilities as students, dancers and performers.
Rising Legion is all about working together to help build confidence with one another and taking your training to the next level.
The crew focuses on a few different street styles, some of which include: Popping, Waving, C-Walking, Breakin, New Jack, and Hip-Hop Dance Choreography.
Rising Legion also offers multiple workshops throughout the year which is also open to anyone interested outside of Rising Legion. So be sure to watch for those events as you won’t want to miss out.

Rising Legion Hip Hop  Dance Crew is open to all dancers in the Community
ONE Movement is excited to have Dave and his program at the Dance Centre.

Meet Dave

At the age of 11 Dave received his first taste of street dance when he watched the popular dance movie      

“You Got Served”.

However, he didn’t have an outlet until 2007 when he began dancing at Davenport Dance Project.

 After a few years, Dave continued to follow his passion at Blackout Dance Productions, where he trained with Matt Cangiano. Eventually, dancing at a studio was not enough, Dave’s hunger for knowledge lead him to Ambitious Movement in 2011, a Hip-hop based dance and Entertainment Company lead by choreographer Ambitious Anthony Smith.

Since then Dave has made televised appearances on “So You Think You Can Dance” Pre show,

Family Channel’s “The Next Step,” Toronto’s Public Health commercial, Chapman's Ice Cream commercial, "Reign" from the CW Network and a few music videos.

He’s also showcased his talent on stages such as World of Dance (Toronto), We Day, Toronto’s Choreographers Ball, and the Bazaar Dance Showcase just to name a few.

Dave was also a member of ONE Movement's Professional Dance Company for two season, helping to create change in our Community schools using his Hip Hop skills to help teach students about Bullying and Building Self Esteem.

He is a judge for one of the biggest, world level hip-hop dance competitions to date run by “Hip-Hop International Canada,” called the

“Canadian Hip-Hop Dance Championship.” Dave is trained in different styles of Hip-hop but has trained intensively in waving, popping, tutting, breaking and house. He specializes in hip-hop choreography, Hip-hop technique and tumbling.

Dave loves to teach his kids all styles and slow things down with a nice R&B tune from time to time to teach control, passion and emotion.

Dave says, “I dance because I was inspired and I dance to inspire. Let's keep the Hip-hop culture alive.”

September 2017 - August 2018
ClassDay Time
Hip Hop Technique Saturday12:00pm-1:30pm
Hip Hop ChoreographySaturday1:30pm-3:00pm

Program Fees (3 hour class a week) 
Monthly $100.00
Pay in Full Sept 2017 - August 2018$1000.00
                                *Payment Option: Cash, Email Money Transfer or Check payable to Dave Matuszewski