Dance for Little ONES, Recreational and Youth Programs

Classes are selected from our Schedule and fees are due according to chart below.

*a costume fee is due for each class your dancer attends and is additional to the fees below.

Class Time Per WeekCost Per Month HSTTotal Per Month
45 min$52.00$6.76$58.76
1 hour
1 hour 15 min$66.50$8.65$75.15
1 hour 30 min$81.00$10.53$91.53
1 hour 45 min$94.00$12.22$106.22
2 hours$107.00$13.91$120.91
2 hours 15 min$118.00$15.34$133.34
2 hours 30 min$132.00$17.16$149.16
2 hours 45 min$140.00$18.20$158.20
3 hours$150.00$19.50$169.50
3 hours 30 min$170.00$22.10$192.10
4 hours$190.00$24.70$214.70
4 hours 30 min$210.00$27.30$237.30

Full Time Program Option 1

5 Hours of Dance a week.

$230.00 + $29.90 hst = $259.90 per month

2 Ballet, 1 Jazz, 1 Acrobatics, 1 Class of Choice

*add sixth hour a week for $34.00 pls hst

Full Time Program Option 2

7 Hours of Dance a week

$308.00 + $40.04 hst = $348.04 per month

2 Ballet, 1 Jazz, 1 Acrobatic, 1 Tap, 2 Classes of Choice

*add eighth hour a week for $20.00 pls hst

**any class added after eighth hour has no additional fee.

Performance Team (Competitive Team)

Our performance team begins rehearsals in October.

We perform throughout the community, at a performance team showcase and at dance competitions.

Fees are determined by the amount of dances your dancer is performing with the team.

Fees are charged for rehearsal time, choreography, costume,      and competitive entries.

                                                             *please contact Artistic Director Autumn Fernandes for fee details.

Adult Dance Program

Our adult classes run on a continuos registration Sept-June.

$85.00 for 8 weeks of dance class.

Your 8 weeks start when you do!

 Payment Options:

Pay in Full


Accepted Payment

Cash, Post Dated Checks payable to ONE Movement, Email Money Transfer,

Visa, MC