Recreational Programs and Dance for Little ONES

Our dance programs are for dancers ages 3+ and are focused on developing well rounded dancers in a fun and welcoming environment. Dance is for everyone!

Dance classes are selected from our schedule and fees are due according to chart below.

Our recreational dance program runs from September - June each year. 

There are 37 weeks of classes in our season.

Fees below are list per month to demonstrate monthly payment plan.

*a costume fee is due for each class your dancer attends and is additional to the fees below for their dance recital in June.

Total time in class per week

Price Per Month


Total Per Month

45 min$53.50$6.95$60.45
1 hour$55.00$7.15$62.15
1 hour 15 min$68.00$8.84$76.84
1 hour 30 min$82.00$10.66$92.66
1 hour 45 min$95.00$12.35$107.35
2 hours$110.00$14.30$124.30
2 hours 15 min$120.00$15.60$135.60
2 hours 30 min$134.00$17.42$151.42
2 hours 45 min$145.00$18.85$163.85

*New Acro + Tumbling Program

Our Acro + Tumbling program has been developed to help our Acro dancers progress with their tricks during the season. To help build strength, technique and help  our dancers to reach their goals faster throughout the season by providing them more time on the mat!

All students in our Tumbling classes are required to take an Acro class at their level.

This program is two hours of in studio training a week.

Fees for Acro + Tumbling

Mini, Mini Adv, Junior = $87.00 + $11.31 = $98.31 per month

Junior Adv, Inter, Advanced = $97.00 + $12.61 = $109.61 per month

Dance for Little ONES

This program is for dancers age 3-5 years old in their first or second year in dance. Your little ONE will learn beginner Ballet, Tap and Acro steps, flexibility and  musicality through fun songs and movement activities. Our Dance for Little ONES also helps to develop listening skills, coordination and team work.

Head Start Dance Program for ages 5+

3 Hours of Dance a week.

$155.00 + $20.15 hst = $175.15  per month

1 Ballet, 1 Jazz, 1 Tap or Acrobatics

*add fourth hour a week for $40.00 pls hst per month

**a costume fee is due for each class your dancer attends and is additional to the fees above for their dance recital in June.

***classes above are recommended to build strong dance technique, you can interchange classes with other styles if peferred.

Payment for your dance year can be made:

Monthly or in Full

Payment options: E-transfer